This piece is 4′ wide x 8′ high with crown molding used as a faux frame and a vinyl wall mural (link) applied directly to MDF/OSB/Particleboard wood. At the top of the waterfall will be a roll of receipt/toilet paper that feeds directly into the miniature paper shredder. When the audience member presses the button (approx 4-5′ in front of the piece) this will trigger the shredder to turn on, pulling the paper from the roll, and allowing it to fall continuously to the ground, forming a pile of discarded wasted, unusable paper shreddings under the piece.

Shredder Test 1 Video using 2-ply toilet paper.
Shredder Test 2 Video using 3 1/8” thermal paper roll and pen as spool.
Shredder Test 3 Video using 3 1/8” thermal paper roll propped on shredder.
Shredder Test 4 Video using 2 ply of low quality toilet paper.
Shredder Test 5 Video using 1 ply of low quality toilet paper.

Toilet paper didn’t work. Going with thermal paper roll, two door stoppers and eye hooks as the spool.

Decided to connect another 4×8 below the wallpapered board to make the piece 4’x16′, propped around 1-2′ from the wall, supported by the pedestal with button. Using extra vinyl mural to make transition to bottom abstract shredded piece. Hoping to have shredder out from the plywood 3-4′ to dump the shredding paper on top of person pushing button.